Creating a directory in your UNIX account (Macintosh)

  1. Logon to your UNIX account.

    Logging onto your UNIX account (Macintosh).

    You log into your UNIX account each time you want to work on your web pages for the web page assignment.

  2. Double click the public_html directory to go into the public_html directory.

    This step places you in the main directory (public_html) that contains all of your web page files and directories.

  3. In the Cyberduck window, click the Action drop-down arrow and select New Folder.... Type the name


    in the Create new folder textbox. Then, click the Create button.

    This step creates a directory called pictures in the public_html directory of your UNIX account.

  4. Click (to select) the pictures directory in the Cyberduck window. Click the Action drop-down arrow to select info. Click Permissions to display the info for the pictures directory. Make sure that the Permissions info for your pictures directory match the Permissions info of the pictures directory in the image below. Close the Permissions window.

    This step sets the proper permissions for the pictures directory in the public_html directory of your UNIX account.

  5. Click the Disconnect button of the Cyberduck program window to logout out of your UNIX account and quit Cyberduck if you are not going to continue working on your web page assignment.

Note: Executing the steps in this tutorial doesn't guarantee that you will have a working directory. Remember, a typo at any step or text entered could produce an error that will prevent the directory from working as you intend.